Recording Sessions

B. James’ track record of hit recordings is available to you and you can now book him for tracking sessions through this website.


“I’m one of those song-first musician types” B. James says. The overall production vibe is the key influencer for the guitar parts & tones I create, but at the heart of it all is the vision of the song from the artist, producer, or songwriter. That’s what always leads the way in a town like Nashville with so many talented session musicians”.


There’s always someone who can run further, jump higher and swim faster than you can in athletic sports. There are plenty of guitarists who can zip right past me in terms of blinding fast technique, many of which I’m a fan of and am pals with!

But when you gotta drill down on a guitar part for a 3-plus minute song made for radio & streaming? I place the focus on how the singer-song marriage lays out. It’s not a me-thing. You gotta be flexible, knowing when to do things like swap out guitars, and tones on the fly if it doesn’t wrap around the singer’s voice & timbre well or if it doesn’t compliment what the other players are contributing to the track. You have to be an avid listener and communicator with an almost 6th sense of where the song will arrive. You only get there from tons of experience!


“I owe my song-sensibilities mindset in part to who my primary music influences are; musicians, bands, and producers with strong songwriting genes, B. James notes. Influences include Lindsey Buckingham | Fleetwood Mac, Joe Satriani, James Taylor, Nancy Wilson | Heart, Prince, Eddie Van Halen, Chet Atkins, Pete Townsend | The Who, Wes Montgomery, Joe Perry/Brad Whitford | Aerosmith, Jimmy Page | Led Zeppelin, Andy Summers | The Police, David Gilmour | Pink Floyd, George Harrison, Keith Scott | Bryan Adams, Steve Stevens | Billy Idol, Def Leppard, AWB, EWF, early Steely Dan, Toto, Funk Players Tony Maiden | Rufus w/Chaka Khan and Bruce Conte | Tower of Power, Studio guitarist legends Carlton, Lukather and Reggie Young, and Producers Mutt Lange, Jack Douglas, and Quincy Jones.”

Flamenco and Spanish guitarist icons Paco De Lucia, Antonio Rey & Marc Antoine have also had a tremendous impact on B.James’ passion for nylon string guitar. “I love the purity, and yet complexity and texture of Spanish guitar. I’ve found when you apply yourself to it, it fundamentally rounds out your playing in very unique ways and on a very cellular level” B. James says.


Tracking session rates are generally based on the AFM union scale. A rate card is supplied upon your request of B. James availability for tracking sessions.

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Featured Projects

    5 Tigers Media, LLC , Developer of Tv series ‘Rhythm Reel’

    In addition to music production, Bartholomew James Lowry is Co-Founder and President of content creation and curator company 5 Tigers Media, developer of the genre-disruptor tv series, ‘Rhythm Reel’.

    Rhythm Reel TV

    Rhythm Reel‘s hybrid-genre tv-series merges Music Entertainment with Outdoor Lifestyle Sport into a first-of-its-kind, powerhouse entertainment experience for passionate music fans and avid outdoor sports enthusiasts.

    5 Tigers Media | Rhythm Reel Partnerships

    5 Tigers Media has entered into a partnership with Open Gate Entertainment and is in the final development of Rhythm Reel before streaming service distribution. 5 Tigers Media also added TV Executive Producers to the Rhythm Reel production and navigation team structure.

    Category Killers

    Rhythm Reel’s venture not only provides opportunity for musicians to gain marketplace exposure outside of customary music platform and concert mediums, the flywheel effect of Rhythm Reel’s sponsor co-branding opportunities provides disruptive potential to music industry thought on artist exposure and fan engagement.


    5 Tigers Media is a blockchain and Web 3.0 proponent as a decentralized way to preserve IP protection for music, tv, and film creatives and distributors. Blockchain technology’s secure platform for host native IP provides stealth protection from ongoing threats of piracy for creative collectives' intellectual property, while providing transparent, ‘auditable’ platform for performance royalties and distributor rights holders.