Guitar Overdubs

Get B. James’ award winning experience on your song & tracks with his guitar overdub services!
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Nashville recording studio POWERFIN, is where B. James does a variety of guitar overdubs for music,tv and film projects ,mixing and artist development.
Overdubs are booked thru the upload form on this website. “It’s rewarding to experience an artist or songwriter realize their recording project dream come to life.”
The audio file share process makes this possible for anyone from around the globe!


Artists, Songwriters, and Producers from Germany, Sweden, Australia, Canada, and UK also tap into the sound quality and experience from B. James’ guitar overdubs recorded at POWERFIN.


‘What I love about being a guitarist and the guitar as a voice is how individualistic it is,like a vehicle for personal expression..It’s a conversation. In a cerebral way it’s like your souls’ very signature. How I get expression out of a note for instance is different from the player next to me in the studio, on stage, or someone on YouTube. And vice versa!

If distilled down to just one element that distinguishes like 10 guitar players each playing the same exact riff side by side? It’s pretty simple-It’s in their vibrato..or how much ‘English’ you put on a note as Joe Satriani likes to say!


I occasionally tear off a handful of ‘interesting’ notes..‘Discover’ a few chords every now and then not in any chord book anywhere! Crazy thing is this usually occurs when you’re really going for something on the edges. I never want to lose that feeling of lift-off..the spontaneity factor when playing guitar. Otherwise,at least to me,it’s a sanitized,sterile headspace to play an instrument in. I’d rather live & die musically with a little dangerous mindset because occasionally you’re gonna bust into something on the edge of your ability that is amazing! Some of the most memorable,iconic guitarists and their recordings have this common thread running thru them!


The arsenal of guitars and amps B. James deploys in the studio include:


  • Gibson J-200, 1944 Bannerhead LG-2, and Hummingbirds

  • Santa Cruz Koa OM & OOO Indian rosewood

  • Guild F-50

  • Burgette 1A Classical, Paco Navarro Nylon string

  • Martin 1945 OO

  • 12 string, Resonator, Ganjo, Mandolin, and various specialty Instruments

  • Electrics

  • Gibson Les Pauls incl. Gold top & 70’s Les Paul Custom

  • Fender left-hand neck Tele w/Arcane Pickups

  • Fender Strats

  • Gretsch and more

  • Amplification

  • Voodoo V-plex

  • HI-Watt DR 50 (’70s)

  • Bogner Caveman (yes, that rare bird!)

  • Fenders

  • Fractal AXE FX 111

  • Assorted cabs including 4×12’s, 2X12’s & Single 12’s

  • TC, Boss, Dunlop/Custom Audio, MXR, Voodoo Labs, Keely, and a garage full of FX pedals

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