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Recording Sessions

B. James’ track record of hit recordings is available to you and you can now book him for tracking sessions through this website.

Guitar Overdubs

You can utilize B. James’ years of professional experience by having him play guitar on your project!

Noizy Beez Music Production

Making your music project become a reality should not only be a rewarding experience, the finished product should also be a competitive equal In the music marketplace.

About B. James Lowry

Session & Touring Guitarist /Musician B. James Lowry appears on an iconic list of music artists recordings contributing to #1 & Top 5 singles, RIAA Certified Gold & Multi-Platinum Albums, and signature musical imprints on multiple Grammy, ACM, CMA, Billboard, Juno & AMA award winners for single /song/and record of the year honors.

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How Do I Send You My Music Files?

The following process will ensure your tracks are received properly and provide you the most efficient production workflow from Noizy Bee’s Studio. You can upload your files by using our upload form, or you can use this upload link.


Know your music! Please state stylistically what genre your guitar overdub request should represent to best match the style of your track to avoid any miscommunication for best results!

File Specifications:

  • For best quality, .wav files are preferred over mp3’s if possible.

  • A stereo mix of your track only and a separate lead vocal stem. Please do NOT send your entire session files!

  • Include ‘groups’ for things like BGV’s is fine in addition to the stereo track mix and separate LD Vocal stem, though anything orchestral should be on one consolidated stereo stem.

  • Please provide bit/sample rate & tempo (bpm) in your creative direction comments.

  • Please upload all files into a cloud drive and send through our upload link, or paste your your cloud storage (Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive, We Transfer, etc.) share-link into our upload form. You can also email your share-link to Note: Be sure to turn on public access settings on your share link.

  • Include a text document in your files with any necessary notes and style direction.

What Are Your Rates & Billing Policies?

Our rates are determined in two ways. 1) we can provide a cost based on the scope of work of your project, or 2) we can provide a scope of work for your project based on your budget. Contact us for an estimate.

  • We require a 50% deposit to start.

  • We offer custom rates for projects with 3 or more songs.

What Are Your Methods of Payments?

We accept Pay Pal for payments to the account:

Featured Projects

    5 Tigers Media, LLC , Developer of Tv series ‘Rhythm Reel’

    In addition to music production, Bartholomew James Lowry is Co-Founder and President of content creation and curator company 5 Tigers Media, developer of the genre-disruptor tv series, ‘Rhythm Reel’.

    Rhythm Reel TV

    Rhythm Reel‘s hybrid-genre tv-series merges Music Entertainment with Outdoor Lifestyle Sport into a first-of-its-kind, powerhouse entertainment experience for passionate music fans and avid outdoor sports enthusiasts.

    5 Tigers Media | Rhythm Reel Partnerships

    5 Tigers Media has entered into a partnership with Open Gate Entertainment and is in the final development of Rhythm Reel before streaming service distribution. 5 Tigers Media also added TV Executive Producers to the Rhythm Reel production and navigation team structure.

    Category Killers

    Rhythm Reel’s venture not only provides opportunity for musicians to gain marketplace exposure outside of customary music platform and concert mediums, the flywheel effect of Rhythm Reel’s sponsor co-branding opportunities provides disruptive potential to music industry thought on artist exposure and fan engagement.


    5 Tigers Media is a blockchain and Web 3.0 proponent as a decentralized way to preserve IP protection for music, tv, and film creatives and distributors. Blockchain technology’s secure platform for host native IP provides stealth protection from ongoing threats of piracy for creative collectives' intellectual property, while providing transparent, ‘auditable’ platform for performance royalties and distributor rights holders.