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Many Gifts, One Voice (Audio CD)

Many Gifts, One Voice is a compilation of 15 stylistically diverse musical performances, comprised of over 70 soloists, duets, groups and ensemble contributions from the instrumentalists and singers at Woodmont Christian Church (WCC) in Nashville, TN. It was recorded over a nine month period at six different recording studios and venues in
Nashville, TN.

This is the end result of a monumental effort that was conceived and implemented by Executive Producer B. James Lowry over two years ago, with the assistance, guidance and support from WCC Music Director and Associate Producer Michael Graham.

The sole purpose of the creation, recording and distribution of this music CD, is to be used as an outreach utility asset, with all sales proceeds going to benefit the numerous ongoing outreach ministries at WCC.

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HLS TV (TV Project)

Not Reality TV...REEL TV!  Stay tuned here for more info.

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